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Experienced Doctors

The Dr. Vikas Dental & Implant Clinic team has experienced doctors believed that we have a responsibility to make the lives of those around us better. And Dentistry has given us an opportunity to improve the health of our patients.


Our facilities and services are accessible to serve all patients! Because everyone deserves proper oral health care.

Honest and Ethical

It is traditional, patient-doctor values with just honest, good practices, updated and modern to the core. And it is from good-outcomes that our economic wheel spins!.

Welcome to Dr. Vikas Dental & Implant Clinic

At Dr. Vikas Dental and Implant Clinic we treat our patients with kindness and compassion and strive to better understand and respond to their needs. We hold ourselves accountable to act ethically and responsibly in everything we do, to be excellent stewards of our resources and to be transparent in our actions.
Dr. Vikas Dental Clinic and Implant Clinic is unique and distinctive because we incorporate skill, experience and technology under one roof. The work of our highly competent doctors of varying disciplines of dentistry, coupled with the use of the latest equipment and technologies ensures that each patient is treated like royalty. Our complete team functions on the sole purpose of ensuring complete patient care and satisfaction, and this dedication is what sets us apart from our counterparts.

Services Offered



Our facilities and services are accessible to serve all patients! Because everyone deserves proper oral health care.


Team of Super Specialists for each Dental, Advanced Technology and Latest equiment of international standards.


Prevention of Cross Infection, ensuring overall well being of the patient and Disposable materials.


Compassionate, happy staff ready to go the extra mile. We absolutely love to take care of our patients.

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Our Experienced Team

Dr. Vikas Sharma (BDS,MDS)

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon & Implantologist

Prof. & HOD B.R.S Dental College Panchkula

Ex Senior Resident Govt. Madical College Sec 32, (Chandigarh)


Dr. S.K Saini (BDS, MDS)

BDS, MDS (Prostho)

Spl. Implants Fixed Teeth and Denture 

   Prof. B.R.S Dental College .Panchkula                                              

Dr. Amita

BDS, MDS (endo) ,Gold Medalist

Spl. RCT and Cosmetic Dentistry

Prof. B.R.S Dental College Panchkula



See what our customers says.

Best dentist in panchkula. Last time when I visited in clinic it was really neat and clean
Nice services
Shallz Sharma
Had done my wisdom tooth removal here.
Dr Vikas was very patient and caring in removing the tooth.
Raktaank Kaushal
After treatment from Dr Vikas Dental and Implant Clinic I became more confident and happy. Excellent services provided By the Clinic.
Ashwini Kumar